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Fuel Polishing System for Data Centres, Supermarkets, Office blocks etc.

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Fuel Polishing System for Data Centres, Supermarkets, Office blocks etc.

Used by NHS, MOD, BT and many leading UK construction plant hirers.

Don't leave it to chance KEEP YOUR FUEL CLEAN

This 56 litre per minute fuel polishing system is designed to recycle diesel fuel in a bulk tank. By use of a 7 day programmer and frequent pumping fuel quality is kept free from contaminants.

The system consists of:

  • 150 micron pre-filter.
  • Liquid ring continuous duty pump.
  • ISO 4406 Calibrated Laser particle analyser (Optional)
  • 24/7 timing function.
  • BMS outputs for various alarms and events.
  • The system is built into an IP65 panel, all wiring meets BS7671:2008 standards and is mounted on Unistrut legs and framework.
  • Certified filtration to SAE J1488 99% efficiency of emulsified water removal.
  • Certified filtration to SAE J1839 99% efficiency of free standing water removal.
  • ISO 4406:1999 Better than 18/16/13 cleanliness. See an explanation of this here.
  • The unit stops pumping diesel when water has accumulated in the filter housing.
  • Available in 110 & 240 VAC or 3 phase

This fuel polishing system has achieved an ISO 4406 cleanliness code of 7/2/0. This code represents a fuel quality that would be acceptable to aviation & laboratory standards.

Any standby power installation includes a storage tank of diesel that would allow for at least 24 hours of diesel powered electricity. The operation of the hospital, data centre, office block or supermarket is dependant on an uninterrupted power supply.

You did well to install a backup generator, BUT it won't work if your fuel went bad in the storage tank.


Fuel polishing basically means fuel filtration and is the process of passing fuel through a filter system until it meets a cleanliness standard that is fit for use in your equipment. The desired cleanliness level is subjective, however there is an agreed industry standard.

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Fuel polishing system


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