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Mobile - Portable Fuel Polisher 56 lpm

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Mobile - Portable Fuel Polisher 56 lpm

This mobile fuel polisher has SAE certified filtration that will help to remove emulsified water and debris to 5 microns from diesel or light oil fuels. Fuel dispensed from this filtration system really is very clean and certainly fit for use in any modern engine. The polisher was designed for use in workshops and outside yards and so is available in 240/110 vac.

Modern Diesel has a problem with diesel bug

With the introduction of bio diesel things are not as straight forward as they used to be. In the old days water in diesel would over time fall to the bottom of the tank out of harms way. However this year the government have introduced a 7% bio diesel mix into ALL diesel. Unlike 100% diesel, bio diesel holds onto to water droplets and hence keeps them in suspension throughout the tank. Obviously large particles of water will become to heavy for suspension and fall to the bottom. But the smaller ones remain in suspension.

So what is the big deal?

Ok, we have explained that bio diesel holds onto water. Tiny dormant organic spores (diesel bug) can often be found everywhere waiting for the right environment to hatch. Water is the type of place that they hatch in but like any living organism they require food. And guess what? These guys feed on diesel and hence they just love to settle down right inside your diesel tank. Just imagine having 1000 litres of beer in your house all the time!

Once they have established in the tank they propogate to form a large black snot like shape. They are very sticky and easily block filters and reduce the ID of a fuel line. This type of contamination is often referred to as Diesel Bug, Diesel Virus or Diesel Fungus. See our chemical treatment for diesel virus.

If there was ever a time where fuel cleaning was necessary it is NOW.

Fuel Polisher Technical Specifications:

  • 50 lpm flow rate using a self priming vane pump.
  • 1 Stage filtration
  • Certified filtration to SAE J1488 99% efficiency of emulsified water removal.
  • Certified filtration to SAE J1839 99% efficiency of free standing water removal.
  • ISO 4406:1999 Better than 18/16/13 cleanliness. See an explanation of this here.
  • Fuel is delivered through the delivery gun.
  • The unit stops pumping diesel when water has accumulated in either of the two filter housings. The pump will not start again until the water has been drained out of the filters.
  • Flashing beacon to alert the user of high water level.
  • 10" pneumatic wheels for site use.
  • Pressure gauge to indicate filter condition.
  • Powder coated frame
  • 5m delivery and suction hoses
  • Suction hose strainer
  • 5m power cord
  • Available in 110 & 240 VAC

This Fuel Polisher is made by Filter Solutions Ltd and see their guide on how to effectively manage the condition of your fuel.

ISO 4406 compliant - What does that mean?

Fuel polishing basically means fuel filtration and is the process of passing fuel through a filter system until it meets a cleanliness standard that is fit for use in your equipment. The desired cleanliness level is subjective, however there is an agreed industry standard.

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